Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dare we hope for a boy?!!

The Martinez fam has an announcement to make--#4 is due to arrive the very beginning of June!! We are very excited!! Dare we hope for a boy?!! Mylee & Kaybree are SURE it's going to be a boy--in fact Mylee has been telling people that I'm having a boy and it's name is going to be Shellyn--what a masculine name!!:)

I have been thinking a lot about motherhood since I found out I was pregnant. I've been contemplating the miracle that each baby is. We were so excited to find out I was pregnant, but I'm always just a little bit nervous until I can make it to a doctor. When Martin and I saw our little baby moving all over the place on the ultrasound screen it was so exciting. No matter how many children we have, the miracle of the creation of a new little being never ceases to amaze me. It's truly a miracle!!

I've been thinking a lot about my other 3 pregnancies and deliveries and how I felt about each one and I'm just so thankful for the blessing I have of being a mother. I know there are so many people in the world that desire to be moms that can't be. I'm so thankful that for whatever reason Heavenly Father granted me such an amazing blessing. I hope that it is something that I will never take for granted. When I am having a hard day with the girls, I always remind myself of that. As I've thought about each of my children coming into the world I've also thought of the bonding that takes place with my husband throughout a pregnancy and delivery. It's so fun to see the look on his face when he feels the baby move for the first time and to anticipate the arrival of something that is a part of both of us. There can't be many things in the world you can experience with your spouse that are sweeter than bringing a child into the world. Every time I think of those times right after having a baby, when it's just me, Martin and our new baby, I feel so much gratitude and joy. Some of my greatest memories of Martin and me have been right after we've had another baby. I know this is kind of a sappy post, and way longer than it needed to be to make our announcement, but I have just had a full heart lately and felt like sharing some of the things I have been thinking and feeling.

Keep your fingers crossed for us to have a boy!!:)

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Little Pampered

This last week Martin and I got to go on a little trip without the 3 munchkins!! Twice a year Martin has to go to Denver to do some computer work in the office. We, or at least I, didn't used to like the trip so much, but I have come to look forward to the trip for months and can't wait until we can plan our next one!!:) I was so sad when I realized that my camera batteries were dead and I had forgotten to put the charged ones in my case, so there are no pictures. Sorry. Hopefully I won't bore ya with the details of our week--I'll try to make it short. There are some very important reasons why I enjoy the trip so much. I'll share just a few of them as I explain the happenings of our week.

We left Sunday right after church. Mylee stayed with my parents while we were gone so she wouldn't miss school and we drove the other two to Rawlins where we met Martin's dad. He took them back to Casper with him so Martin's parents could keep them for a few days. The enjoyment of the trip started immediately. We didn't have any whining or crying for the rest of the trip to Denver. It was really weird. I kept looking in the back seat to check on the kids, and then would realize we didn't have them.:) We got into Denver around 8:30, so we found the hotel that we always stay in that is a block from the 16th Street mall and right across from the MI office. There are a few things we do on these trips that we don't get to do in normal day-to-day life. The first one of those is to use valet parking at the hotel. There's no parking in downtown Denver, so the company actually tells you to use the valet parking. It's so nice. Everything is in walking distance anyway, so it's nice to just pull up, get our stuff out, and then check in to our room. We enjoyed a relaxing evening in the room--it was so quiet.

While Martin goes to the office, I always just relax a little bit, read my book, and then walk along 16th Street and duck in and out of stores. The first time we went, I have to admit that I was a little bit paranoid. Whenever I walked along the streets, I would hold onto my purse with a Kungfu grip and was very aware of everyone around me, just in case one of them wanted to mug me or stab me or something. I have relaxed a little bit. I still keep a tight grip on my purse, but not to the point that my knuckles turn white, and I can enjoy being out without thinking everyone is going to attack me. I have learned that even though we do see a few VERY interesting (maybe even a little bit scary), people every time we go, most of them are just business men & women going about their day like everybody else. I always enjoy the time alone to wander and think.

One of the other great perks of the trip is the food. Every day I meet Martin (and Kevin this time too since he moved to Denver and works in the office) for lunch and it's not at Wendy's or McDonald's like usual. We have a whole array of nice, maybe even a little more on the fancy side, of restaurants to choose from. The service is amazing and the food...I can't even explain how good it is. Plus, we can order appetizers and dessert, which is something we NEVER allow ourselves to splurge on any other time. The week is never good for my waistline, but it's sure fun to splurge a little. The other thing we can do that we would never normally do is order room service. I had never ordered room service in my entire life until we started going on these trips. It's so much fun to eat a yummy dinner or dessert, or maybe even just some hot chocolate, in the comfort and warmth of the hotel room.

The last, but not least, wonderful perk of the trip is all of the one-on-one time I get with my husband. It's so much fun to spend so much time with him wandering the streets and shopping, eating at nice restaurants, and just discussing all of the wonderful things we have to enjoy in life. Plus, this time we got to spend quite a bit of time with Kevin and Zoe and it was so much fun to have someone we know and love there to spend time with. We were only there for three days, but we had a great time. We drove to Casper to pick up the younger girls, then woke up the next morning and drove to Cokeville to get Mylee. The kids had a great time being spoiled and it's always so good for us to have a little break from parenthood. We come back refreshed, rested and ready to soak up our three sweet little girls again!! I have already started thinking about what I want to do next time we go. It's so fun to be pampered just a little bit!! Sorry--I didn't do a very good job of keeping it short.

Monday, November 3, 2008


We had a great Halloween! It's not my favorite holiday and it is a lot of work, especially since Martin was at work this year, but my kids always love it. They were so excited all day to go trick-or-treating. They asked if it was time to go when they woke up that morning. They had a hard time waiting until that evening!:) We went to the football game and then came home and got ready to go to the carnival. Mylee was a pirate, Kaybree was a raggedy Ann doll, and Mireya was a poodle. The carnival had really good food and there were lots of fun games to play, but my kids are too shy to play them, or at least Kaybree is. Mylee did actually participate in a few, but Kaybree wouldn't do any of them but the coloring station. So, it's basically a waste of money every year when I pay for them to play the games. They decided they wanted to leave the carnival and go trick-or-treating. Traci went with us for a little while and then Brian came with us. They had a blast!! We tried leaving Mireya in the truck for a couple houses, and she wouldn't let us. She didn't want to miss out!! When we were done trick-or-treating we went to Brian & Becca's to celebrate Brian's b-day. We had chocolate roll and it was SO good.

The girls were pretty worn out by the time the night was over. This was after they were done trick-or-treating!!:)
We had a great Halloween & I'm just glad I survived another year!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Getting Caught Up

We have had a couple of kind of busy weeks. A couple weekends ago we got really bored, so we decided to go to Layton and stay in a motel so we could swim and just spend quality time together as a family. The kids were so excited to stay in a motel because we haven't stayed in one since Traci's wedding in March. Anyway, we had the best time. The kids had an absolute blast!! We went swimming and ordered in Chinese and it was so much fun. I also got to go on a little girls' night out with my sisters that night because Traci happened to be visiting Lori at the same time. It really was a lot of fun. The only sad part about it was that we had to cut our trip short on Saturday morning when we woke up and watched the news--lots of snowfall. We headed home early, but the kids were still talking about our weekend days afterwards!!

Mireya wasn't so sure about the water for the first half hour we were at the pool, but once she got in, we couldn't get her out!!:)

Sure enough, on our way home from Layton, we got caught in a huge snowstorm. We only passed one wreck, but we had to be super careful. The kids were so excited to see the snow though, so our cut short trip to Layton was quickly forgotten. As soon as we got home, the kids changed into their snow clothes and headed outside for hours. There wasn't even very much snow out there, but they had the best time. Mireya wasn't too sure about it though. She could barely even walk in her jumpsuit, so she didn't last long.

The next weekend Martin's parents came to visit. I don't know what I was thinking, but I forgot to take any pictures while they were here!! The girls loved every minute of their stay. They wore Grandpa "Tinez" out with all of the drawing they did with him. He had to take a couple little naps a day just to keep up with them!! We had some wonderful cooking by my mother-in-law and we just visited and had a great time. Thanks for coming. We loved your visit!!:)

Lori & her kids also came to visit last weekend and so in-between visiting with Martin's parents, we got to spend a lot of time with them. The girls played with Hallee & Regyn for hours and we had a great time. It's always fun to spend time with them.

We were going to carve pumpkins while Martin's parents were here, but we ran out of time. We finally did it last night as part of our family home evening. The girls love it every year. I had never carved a pumpkin in my life until I married Martin, and he loves it, so now we do it every year with the kids. I have learned to enjoy it quite a lot myself. Kaybree wanted a turtle, Mylee wanted a horse & Mireya got what we did for her!!:) We had a great time and the pictures are a little fuzzy because I couldn't figure out what setting to put my camera on, but they turned out quite well. The girls were pretty proud of them.

We had a couple of really great weekends and it was so much fun to see everyone and spend time together. Now that I'm caught up, hopefully I will do better. I can always hope, anyway.:)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Dad

Once again, I'm a little slow, but a couple weeks ago it was homecoming. Since I've graduated from high school, it's been interesting to be around every once in a while for homecoming to see all of the things we used to do when we were in high school!! Although, I know we didn't look as silly as the kids do now-a-days!:) Anyway, this was a special homecoming for the Nate fam--my dad was recognized as a coach. He is going to be getting a Gold Card. What that entails and all of the details behind it, I'm not sure. It was a really touching program. We felt like we were at a funeral. All of us (including Brian & Kevin) had red, puffy eyes by the time it was over. If you know my dad at all, you know that he was really uncomfortable with the spotlight being on him. It really meant a lot to all of us that the coaches put as much thought and time into the recognition as they did.

My dad's MS hasn't been doing so well lately, so it has been really hard on all of us to see him deteriorate. He seems to be deteriorating at a much faster rate now. He has to drag his left leg around by the end of the day. It's hard to watch him try to walk to the locker room at half time or walk over to shake hands with the coaches after a football game. The other coaches are so good to him. He's never left to stumble off the field alone. I've thought a lot about it since homecoming and I'm so thankful he has good friends that care about him. He's been coaching with Coach Dayton and Coach Teichert for so many years now. They are his best friends and it's so touching now to see how their friendship has grown over the years. Not all of us have the privilege of living around and coaching with our best friends, but I'm thankful my dad has been able to.

I don't know how long we'll live here--maybe forever--but I'm so thankful we have had the opportunity to live here and spend so much time together as a family. For about two years all of us lived here except Lori, and it has been such a neat experience. I have become very best friends with all of my siblings and sisters-in-law. I'm pretty fond of my brothers-in-law too, but ya know. We're not really "best friends.":) We have made so many memories over the last couple years and I know it's a time in our lives that we will never forget, and hopefully never take for granted. Some of my favorite memories and more that I hope to make are of going on the ranch with my dad. I have always loved to be on the ranch and my girls are starting to love it as well. I could spend every day on the ranch if I didn't have so much to do at home.:) I know a lot of it has to do with the fact that I get to spend so much time with my dad. He really is my hero. I'm so thankful for him and his influence in my life and I'm thankful my kids get to have that influence in their lives as well. I know that he's not perfect, but he is such a good man and I know that he touches a lot of lives for good.

Grandma & Grandpa Nate, Aunt Colleen and Uncle Kent were all there to surprise my dad in support of him.

All of the family was able to make it to the program except for Martin. He was working. Kevin and Zoe were late, so they didn't make the pictures, but the rest of everybody is "kind of" in the pictures!!:)

Mireya was just thankful that my grandma Nate had a wonderful lunch ready for us after the program.:) She had a hard time waiting patiently while her plate got dished.

It was fun to have us all together again, so we decided we'd better get a picture of all us siblings. We would've done one with the spouses, but with Martin gone, it would've been a little wierd.:)

Lori's gonna love me when she sees this picture. I just took some shots of everyone during lunch, so some of them are of people with their mouths full!! Sorry, Lori.

My grandma's favorite place to be is the kitchen. She's an amazing cook!!

It was such a neat day for our family. Not only was the program good, but the football and volleyball games were great as well. Go Panthers!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mylee's B-day!!

September 1st was Mylee's 5th birthday!! (I know. I'm a little behind.) I can't believe I have a 5-year-old! She was so excited for her birthday. (There aren't many kids that get to start kindergarten when they're 4. We debated for a whole year as to whether to send her to school or hold her back, but every time we came up with the same conclusion--she should go.) Mylee's birthday was kind of a wierd day because the power was out. It went out on Sunday night and it was still out in the morning. Of course my alarm didn't go off, so I slept in so Mylee slept in. When I woke up I figured there's no way they can have school with the power off (I was wrong) and so we doddled around and had a good birthday breakfast (my mom and dad have a generator). Then I called my dad just to make sure there wasn't any school--he said there was. By this time Mylee was already really late for school and she's only there for a few hours anyway, so I talked to her and she decided she wanted to stay home and go on a little date with me during the day instead of going to school. Grandma Nate babysat the other 2 girls and Mylee and I went on a little date to Montpelier. We just went out for lunch and ice cream and talked about everything that goes on in a 5-year-old world and we had the best time. I was so glad I did it!!

She decided to wait for Martin to get home to open presents, so on Wednesday we actually celebrated her birthday!! She picked her cake out of a book and so I did my best to satisfy. It wasn't perfect, but she loved it!!:)

She was so excited to open her presents. She got spoiled since we have so much family close. We even have new adopted members of our family. Brian's mission companion & his wife that Bri & Becca have stayed close to all these years moved to Cokeville a few weeks ago, so now they are part of the fam as well. She loved having so many people there to celebrate with her. She is so into High School Musical, so she was excited to get her Gabriella outfit, even if the look on her face doesn't show it (she got a little tired of pictures).

My girls play dress-up all day long, so when I saw this Fancy Nancy hat, I had to get it for her. She LOVES hats! I thought she looked so cute in it!!:)

She had a great birthday!! I can't believe how grown-up she is getting. She can practically run the household when she wants to. We love you so much, Mylee, and we're so thankful you are a part of our family!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Mylee's 1st Day of School!!

This last Monday, the 25th, was Mylee's first day of school!!! She is officially a kindergartener!:) She was so excited to go to school. She didn't really like being ripped out of bed to get ready for school, but once she realized why I woke her up, she was so excited to get her clothes on and get ready to go. She did so well when I dropped her off. I have been so excited for her to go--one less child to trip over in the morning while I do my chores. I didn't think it would be hard at all to take her, but I did find that my eyes were on the verge of watering when I saw her sitting in her big desk and started to think about how wonderful she is to have around in the mornings, but thankfully I had to take some stuff to the office, so I didn't get a chance to think about it too much. Within a few minutes of being home I knew why I had been so excited--I got so much done and there was no fighting!! Kaybree and Mireya played so well and every morning has been such a breeze!! I love it and so does she. Every day she has come home bouncing off the walls and she was SO EXCITED about riding the bus twice every day!! (Mireya and Kaybree thought they needed to be in the pictures too.);)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Slacker Mom"

I just got done reading Taffy's latest post and as I was commenting I realized that it was turning into it's own post, so I thought rather than fill up Taffy's comment page, I would just write my own post on the subject!!

I have to say that it's such a relief to know that I'm not the only slacker mom around. Ofentimes I look around at all of the other moms and wonder how come they always seem to have all of their ducks in a row--how come their houses are always clean, their kids never have sticky faces, their kids' clothes are always clean and in good condition, their kids' hair is never snarly and always fixed really cute and a big one I always wondered last year as I drove Mylee to preschool 2 days a week is HOW IN THE WORLD CAN A MOM LOOK SO CUTE THAT EARLY IN THE MORNING WHEN THERE'S SO MUCH WORK TO BE DONE?!! So I thought I would share a few of my own thoughts on ways that I am a slacker (and these are in no particular order).

1-Every once in a while I will allow my kids to have chips or a popsicle for breakfast. It's not every day, in fact it's very seldom, but every single day (without fail) my kids will ask if they can have chips or a popsicle or some sort of treat for breakfast!! Some days I am just too tired to explain to them why those aren't a good thing for our bodies to have first thing in the morning and so I will just go with it!!

2-I have turned the 5-second rule into the 2-day rule. This may seem kinda gross, but if Mireya comes across a cracker that she dropped a couple days before and wants to eat it, then I say go for it. Now if I notice that it has a hair or it has been stepped on or that it has been contaminated in some sort of major way, then I will of course take it away from her, but she hasn't been harmed from it yet. Besides, there are two major benefits from this--it makes my vacuuming job that much easier AND it will keep her from begging for another snack for at least a few minutes!!

3-I remember when I first had Mylee and I thought," I am always going to have her dressed in her cutest outfits and her hair is always going to be done and completed with a bow." I have a confession--my kids have looked like rugrats a lot this summer. Oftentimes I have gotten to Montpelier or Evanston to do a little shopping and as I load my kids in the cart, realize just how messy they look. Now, usually when we go out of town, I try to put them in clothes other than their stained play clothes and I try to do their hair and wash their faces good before we leave, but sometimes we have spur-of-the-moment trips, and that's where the problem arises. And it's not until we get there that I realize I haven't even combed their hair that day or that I missed wiping their mouths after their last meal.

4-I have days where I just don't want to clean my house anymore. It feels like all I do all day every day is clean the house. I'm constantly doing dishes, picking up toys, wiping up spills, doing laundry--some days I need a day off. On those days my whole living room, kitchen and hall get filled up with toys (I even let them take all of the pillows off the couch and they jump off the couch into the floor of pillows), the dishes only make it as far as the sink, and all of my floors are left with their crumbs and sticky spots for the day. Even moms & housekeepers need a day off, right? What I've learned is that if I ever want to have company, I just have to have a day like that. If I work hard to keep my house clean, I can guarantee no unexpected visitors, but as soon as I have a "day off" I will undoubtedly have someone just drop by out of the blue. It works that way every time without fail. In fact, last month I was having one of those days and my visiting teachers stopped by to see me!!

5-There are days that my older kids never get out of their pajamas. I have a hard time admitting to that one, but it is true nonetheless. It doesn't happen very often, but there are days when we aren't going anywhere and I am just cleaning the house or working on a project and the kids are getting along so well that I just can't get myself to interrupt them just to get their clothes on. I have days where I don't feel like getting all dolled up, so I figure they probably have days like that too, so why force the issue? They can play and play to their hearts' content and then it makes one less step to do when it's bedtime--they're already in their pj's.

6-My last one may have a little more to do with me than my kids, but how do other moms look so cute all of the time? Last year as I drove Mylee to preschool, I was almost always the only one that was still in my pj's or my work clothes. How can someone possibly have their house clean and all of their little jobs done, plus be showered and ready for the day by 9:00 a.m.? I thought that over so many times throughout the school year. I even set little goals for myself so that I didn't feel so silly in the mornings. I started making sure that even if I wasn't done with my chores, I was showered by the time I took her. I even made a goal that I would actually be all dressed and ready for the day with my hair done and everything. That was too much pressure--it only lasted a couple of weeks. I have come to the conclusion that either they never cleaned their houses, they cleaned them at a time other than the morning, they didn't get dirty and sweaty from cleaning their houses, or that they woke up at 4:00 a.m. to get everything done before 9:00. Thankfully, this year the bus picks Mylee up so that I don't have to stress about it!!:)

These aren't all of my slacker traits, but if I let you in on all of them, I wouldn't be upholding my image very well, would I? Does anyone else have any confessions of ways they are slacker moms? Please share to make me feel better about my slackings!!:)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Nate Family Reunion

So this is my last event to catch up on. On the 26th & 27th of July, we went to the Nate family reunion at the lake. We had an absolute blast!! It was really neat to see so much family that we don't get to see very often. It was also really good to see my dad relax a little bit and be able to spend some time with his siblings. We were able to use the USU Training Center and almost everybody stayed there, but we stayed at the Conger's cottage again (they are so sweet to let us stay there). We ate such good food while we were there (my dad's family can cook like nothin' else), and we visited a lot and we spent a lot of time on the lake!! Martin and I boat-hopped and went with about everybody and tried a bunch of different stuff. It was so much fun! I have to say that tubing was our all-time favorite. It was so awesome! I only pulled a few muscles and was really sore for a couple of days, but I never did fall off!:) I came awful close a couple times though.

Braxton tried wake boarding for the first time while we were there and got right up. He did awesome!!

It was really great to see everyone and thanks everyone for sharing all of your fun stuff and all of the good food!! I'm looking forward to seeing you all there again next year!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Visiting David and Traci

The Monday after the Celebration, Lori and I decided to load up our kids and go see Traci in Rexburg. (I said I had a lot of catching up to do. I have been somewhere different every week, and sometimes a couple different places in one week!) We hadn't had a chance to go see her yet this summer, and we wanted to see all of the work she has been doing on their house. Anyway, we had 6 kids with us (Lori left one of hers home) so our drive there was a little crazy.:) Once we got there, David took us on a buggy ride. It was so much fun. The kids loved it!! Kaybree decided she wanted to help him drive and she wouldn't stop. David was pretty tickled since she's never before given him the time of day.

The next day, we hung out for a while and then headed to the splashpark. It's a park that has water all through it (you can see it in the picture below) and it is free and open to the public. Not only that, but the school serves free lunch to all of the kids. All of the kids thought it was awesome (especially Boston--he loves the water)! They had so much fun! And I just wished I was a kid so I could go on it. I didn't want to be the only adult on there. It was so hot and the water looked so

After the kids had lunch and played a little longer, they all layed down on the cement to dry off and get warm. It was pretty cute.

On Wednesday, we just hung out and visited a little more and then we headed home. Thankfully, we had worn the kids out, so they slept almost the entire way home! We had a great time and thanks for letting us come visit ya, David and Traci!! We love you.