Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ranch Girl

A couple weeks ago (when it was warmer) Kaybree wanted to go out to the ranch with Grandpa. We went out to watch a cow calve, but we waited for an hour and a half, but she wasn't calving fast enough. I got some pretty graphic pictures and Kaybree was amazed!! We gave up on the cow and went to help my dad feed a calf a bottle. Kaybree was all excited until she got close to the calf. It took her a minute before she would touch it. She loves the ranch, but she also likes to keep her distance from the animals!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mireya's Birthday Dress

This is her new birthday dress that she got from her grandma & grandpa Martinez. She was so proud of herself walking around in her new dress!! Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa "Tinez."

The Cake!!

After following Mireya around and filming her, we just hung out all day and then went to my mom and dad's for her little party. (By the way if you see drywall in the background, they added an addition to their dining room that is still under construction.) It was Traci's birthday too, so it was fun to celebrate them together. Mireya wasn't quite sure what to think about everyone staring at her, but she loved her cupcake!!

More Mischief!!!

Happy Birthday, Mireya!!

Mireya turned a year old on the 9th. I can't believe my baby is a year old. My kids are growing up way too fast! I started out the day by following her around and taking pictures and filming her doing her favorite things: taking all of the sippy cups out of the drawer, pulling everything out of other cupboards, filling the dishwasher with soap, filling the toilet with LOTS of toilet paper and pretending to flush, and pulling all of our extra toiletries out of the closet! We have to keep the bathroom door closed or she dips her fingers or toothbrush in the toilet and then sucks on them. Gross, huh. We were also afraid she was going to clog the toilet with all of the toilet paper she was putting in there. We sat Mylee and Kaybree down last week and talked to them about using too much toilet paper when they go potty. A couple days later I found out who it really was that was filling up the toilets!! She tried to flush our phone the other day. Thankfully, it dried out nicely, I sanitized it and it works again. My other girls were not this mischievous!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Girly Girls!

Dress-up is the favored thing around our house! I did have to limit it a little as they had started to change into new clean clothes several times a day! Of course you have to change to "go shopping," or to go to a "party" or to go "swimming!!" When Jasmine comes over the camera has to come out! We even got Michael in a princess dress & crown!!

Hey everyone!!

Hey! It's been fun to see what some classmates and others are up to in their lives!! I'm excited to get our blog designed!! Too-da-loo!!!