Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mireya!!

Mireya turned a year old on the 9th. I can't believe my baby is a year old. My kids are growing up way too fast! I started out the day by following her around and taking pictures and filming her doing her favorite things: taking all of the sippy cups out of the drawer, pulling everything out of other cupboards, filling the dishwasher with soap, filling the toilet with LOTS of toilet paper and pretending to flush, and pulling all of our extra toiletries out of the closet! We have to keep the bathroom door closed or she dips her fingers or toothbrush in the toilet and then sucks on them. Gross, huh. We were also afraid she was going to clog the toilet with all of the toilet paper she was putting in there. We sat Mylee and Kaybree down last week and talked to them about using too much toilet paper when they go potty. A couple days later I found out who it really was that was filling up the toilets!! She tried to flush our phone the other day. Thankfully, it dried out nicely, I sanitized it and it works again. My other girls were not this mischievous!!


Ashlie said...

She is so cute! Motherhood brings a new found appreciation for the porcelain bowl. I never imagined kids could bring me to such an intimate relationship with a human waste transporter. Glad to see I'm not the only one who enjoys such pleasantries!

The Websters said...

Heya!!! I can not believe some of the pictures. I feel like I am looking at a girl version of Cade. Mischief and all. Do you wonder if they were up in heaven plotting against us.:) They have some of the same facial features and expressions. I will send you some pics. She is so cute! Happy Birthday Reya!!! We love you and sorry we are not coming to visit this month. Next month hopefully! Give the Girls Great BIG HUGS from us!!!!!

The Websters said...

Oh by the way!!! Cupboards look NICE!!!!!