Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our Exciting Weekend in Casper

We just got back from Casper today, and boy was it a busy, fun trip!! It always is though. We did lots of fun stuff, stayed up way too late every night and we are all completely exhausted now that we are home!! The kids had a great time, as always, because they were spoiled rotten!! And I had a great time because I got to go on dates with Martin, hang out with Darlene, I even saw Katie Boulter, did lots of shopping (with Darlene of course--she's the one who taught me to shop) and went to a Carrie Underwood concert!! Yes, you got that right. I went to her concert !!!!! It was incredible!! Here are a few pics from our trip!!

The first day there we just hung out at the mall and took the kids to "playland." It's the stuff in the middle of the mall for them to play in. They love it there. We always have to ride the vehicles there as well, most of the time without any money in them!! They had a great time!!

To celebrate both of our anniversaries (Brian and Darlene's and ours), we decided to go to a Carrie Underwood concert!! That night we got all the kiddies ready for bed and headed to dinner at the Outback (one of my favorites). Then we went to the concert!! Don't we look all hyped up and ready for the concert?!!

These are the after pictures!! We had a great time!! I can't even tell you how incredible the concert was!! We had floor tickets (thank you, Darlene) and so when she came out to the mini stage she was just right there!!! Oh, and Josh Turner opened for her and he was really good too. It was so awesome and I tried really hard not to make a fool of myself singing and dancing. Sorry, Brian, if I screamed in your ear too much. She was so incredible I didn't want to sing. I just listened to her and she was so cute!! I could go on and on--I loved it!! Thanks again, Darlene, for spending hours at the computer to get us good tickets!!! Oh, and I had to take a picture of my t-shirt to show off to my fam. They were all so jealous I got to go to her concert!! I told Martin I am going to wear my t-shirt to every family dinner now for 6 months just to rub it in!!!

The next day, after recovering from our late night, we just let the kids play outside for a while. Then we let Mylee try her hand at photography!! These are what she came up with (except for the ones she's in). Not bad, huh? Mireya was having a nap so she missed out on the photography fun.

On Friday night, we took the kids to the park!! At first it was just Mireya and Cade because Mylee and Kaybree got spoiled and went to a movie with Grandma & Grandpa Martinez!! They had a blast, well Cade did anyway. Mireya wasn't too fond of the slides, but Cade loved them!! Do you see any resemblance between these two? Look at their Thai noses and eyes. Mireya's are a little rounder, but they both have Asian eyes!! Aren't they cute together?

That night Ty and Nicole came over and visited for a bit and then we went to Brian and Darlene's house and played the Wii until way too late, but it was a blast. She got all the pictures of that though. Wait 'til you see her game face!!!

It was a great trip!! It always goes by way too fast!!! We already miss everybody and can't wait to see them again!!! I know this was kind of a long post. Sorry. I just had so much fun and had to share it with everyone!!! Ta-Ta!!


Mike, Katie and Annali said...

It was great to see you guys too. Our trip went by way to fast also. It is always great to see family and friends. The pics are so cute.

Tina said...

That is SO cool that you got to go to a Carrie Underwood concert! I am so jealous...I love her! And I loved all the fun pictures of you and Martin and your cute kids! You have the cutest family and it sounds like you guys had a blast!

Ashlie said...

You are stinking adorable Katie. And you're looking a little extra skinny. You'd better eat an extra desert or too. ;)

The pictures are all so cute. I would love to go to a Carrie Underwood concert but I think I'd want to go with a group of girlfriends . . . We could all scream our heads off and no one would be flinching. Although I have a real hard time picturing you screaming. I would have liked to have seen that!

Lisa Bagley said...

I Love your pics KT! Your family is sooo beautiful! I'm glad y'all had fun in Casper! Love ya!

The Websters said...

Hey, First, The gaming pictures are retarded and I will not be posting them. Second, I had lots of fun and hope to see you guys in June. Third, Where is your music? Fourth, No excuses!!! Fifth, Great Pics!!!!Sixth, I think you and I became shoppers together ;)

Lisa Bagley said...

I was in an accident 2 days after Matt deployed in Oct. and it totalled the yellow car. :( Still love that car though.

Shari Davis said...

love the pictures! It looks like you guys had a great time!!!