Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fun in the Sun

The other day we got bored sitting around the house, so we decided to head to the lake for a little fun in the sun!! Zoe & I loaded up the kids and away we went. The kids loved it!! They chased the seagulls around and buried themselves in the sand and splashed in the water while Zoe & I relaxed on the beach.

Mireya wasn't quite feeling herself that day, so she just hung out on the beach with us. She fed the seagulls and relaxed in a beach chair almost the whole time we were there. She thought it was great because of all of the snacks we had!! Zoe & I decided it was quite an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon--the kids didn't fight or name-call, and if we got hot, we would just take a little dip in the lake!!:)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Little Drama Queen!!!

I came home from visiting teaching tonight and Mireya was prancing around in her swimming suit bossing everyone around. It's been a couple of years since I have had a baby her age, and I had forgotten how bossy and full of attitude a child, or at least a girl, can be at just 14 months of age!!!:) Sometimes it's really hard not to get the giggles when she's "telling someone off." She definitely gets her point across!! When I got home she was following Mylee around begging her for a taste of her popsicle. First, she spotted the popsicle. Then she came right up to Mylee and started going, "Uh, uh." That translates into, "I want that." When Mylee still didn't give her a taste, she came to me and looked at me like, "Can't you see I want a taste of that? Please make her give me a taste." You can see in her eyes that she is begging for something. Sure enough, I asked Mylee to give her some. Mylee finally gave it to her and then she was upset that she couldn't get any out!! She kept looking to me for some help.

Once the popsicle episode was resolved, we went inside and eventually had dinner. Afterward, she went and stood at the closet where the snacks are and just looked at me like, "Well, are ya going to give me a treat or am I going to have to beg?" I gave her a piece of chocolate licorice and she yanked it out of my hand and marched around the house with a great big grin on her face!!

When I had to put her down for a minute outside, this is the fit she threw. She threw her licorice down, gently laid back on the cement and then started kicking and flailing her arms. I'd have to say that our house is so full of drama queens!! Girls and their little fits.:) I realized tonight that I have got to get control of this girl before she turns into a little brat!! It's amazing how young they pick up on how to manipulate their parents and siblings to get what they want!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Dresses!!

On Sunday it was such a beautiful day and we were actually ready for church early, so I thought I would take some pictures of the girls. These are the summery dresses I bought them recently and I thought they looked so cute in them!! Mireya wasn't too excited about the pictures. (Church is at the exact time she usually goes down for her morning nap. We are already counting months until she can go to nursery.)

There's nothing cuter than a little girl with her daddy!!:) And there's nothing more handsome than my husband in a white shirt and tie. Aren't they cute?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!!!

I know I'm a little slow, but about 10 days ago, on the 23rd of May, Martin and I celebrated our 6th anniversary!! It was a great day and we had a lot of fun. We just spent the whole day together and we had such a great time!! I thought it was neat how other people put a couple of their wedding pictures on their posts, so I thought I would as well just to reminisce a little bit. Anyway, I can't believe it has already been 6 years. And I can't believe we already have 3 kids!!:) I'm sure all of you can totally relate, but I have been thinking since my anniversary about how I can't remember ever being single!! Isn't it amazing how within about a month of being married, you can't remember anything different? And isn't it also amazing how much more you love each other within just a week, and then a month, and so forth? I think about when I got married and I was definitely in love, but the things I love Martin for now and the depth of my love have increased so much over the last 6 years. It makes me feel like we were just in puppy love when we got married!! Anyway, I know that was a bit sentimental, but I just thought I would share some of my thoughts about our anniversary! I love you, Martin!!

Now, on a lighter note, we did have a lot of fun on our anniversary. We played Donkey Konga on the Gamecube for a while in the morning. We used to stay up and play it after the kids went to bed when we lived in Casper, and we hadn't played it in forever. It was fun. Mylee even got involved and she had a lot of fun!!

Then we just chatted and watched movies and played with the kids and enjoyed our little family, which I love to do. That night we drove to Montpelier to go to dinner and it was so nice to enjoy a nice, quiet dinner together. Then, that night is when things got a little crazy!! We went over to Traci's house because Lori was staying over there and we had a little party!! We played American Idol on Kevin and Zoe's Playstation3 3. It was so much fun!! I know in these pictures that we all look like a bunch of morons, but hey, we had to get into it and have a little fun!! (My family is going to kill me when they see that I posted these pictures on here--nothing they can do about it now!!!;))

It was a great day!! I'm just so blessed to have such a great husband. 6 down and only 60+ more to go!!!