Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Little Drama Queen!!!

I came home from visiting teaching tonight and Mireya was prancing around in her swimming suit bossing everyone around. It's been a couple of years since I have had a baby her age, and I had forgotten how bossy and full of attitude a child, or at least a girl, can be at just 14 months of age!!!:) Sometimes it's really hard not to get the giggles when she's "telling someone off." She definitely gets her point across!! When I got home she was following Mylee around begging her for a taste of her popsicle. First, she spotted the popsicle. Then she came right up to Mylee and started going, "Uh, uh." That translates into, "I want that." When Mylee still didn't give her a taste, she came to me and looked at me like, "Can't you see I want a taste of that? Please make her give me a taste." You can see in her eyes that she is begging for something. Sure enough, I asked Mylee to give her some. Mylee finally gave it to her and then she was upset that she couldn't get any out!! She kept looking to me for some help.

Once the popsicle episode was resolved, we went inside and eventually had dinner. Afterward, she went and stood at the closet where the snacks are and just looked at me like, "Well, are ya going to give me a treat or am I going to have to beg?" I gave her a piece of chocolate licorice and she yanked it out of my hand and marched around the house with a great big grin on her face!!

When I had to put her down for a minute outside, this is the fit she threw. She threw her licorice down, gently laid back on the cement and then started kicking and flailing her arms. I'd have to say that our house is so full of drama queens!! Girls and their little fits.:) I realized tonight that I have got to get control of this girl before she turns into a little brat!! It's amazing how young they pick up on how to manipulate their parents and siblings to get what they want!!!


Ashlie said...

That is so funny! I'd love to tell you my BOYS never do such dramatic things but I'd be lying. Kael manipulates in much the same way and I've recently had to start taking the older boys side over his as he has learned to work the system. He's picked up fake crying lately. If one of the boys runs past him he'll fall on his bottom and pretend to cry. It's hilarious because it is so blatantly fake.

I cannot wait to come up to Wyoming and take pictures of your girls. So stinkin' cute! I hope I can get them out of shy mode enough or hide well enough that they'll let me take their picture! I literally dream about the possibilities. I know I'm retarded but humor me. ;)

Rachel said...

I'm not sure if you were writing about your daughter or mine. Seryn does exactly the same thing. Only her fit is on her stomach. Maybe it's the thrid child thing, or something. They are pretty cute though. Sometimes it's hard not to let them see you laugh.

Bagley said...

First, to answer your comment, I don't need to run thru the sprinkler, I get wet enough just moving it around the yard...plus, trust me, none of my nieghbors want to see me in a swimsuit...Seriously, they all signed a petition! LOL!

Mireya is so cute! I almost miss my kids being that age - almost. Aaron is in the phase where he thinks he gets to sass me and Savannah is in the phase where she is Queen of the Tattle Tales and feels the need to tell me everything Aaron is doing, even when I'm in the same room! Just think, someday in the not too distant future, we're gonna miss these days!

kylance said...

Too funny! Sometimes I don't think we give these little ones enough credit! They are WAY smarter and understand a lot more than we think :)

The Websters said...

The joy of little girls!!!! They sure are cute when they do it. Can't wait to see you guys soon!!!