Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Quick Trip to Casper

A couple weeks ago I got really brave and decided to drive me and the kids to Casper for Parade Day. We used to always go when we lived there and I knew how much the kids would love it, so I decided to take them. I was actually extremely nervous about traveling that far without Martin (he was working), but we did it and the kids were amazing!! To make it even better, Sahara was there (Martin's niece), who we haven't seen for a couple of years. Mylee and Kaybree just loved having her there to play with.

The first day there, we just hung out at Darlene's for a while and let the kids splash in the pool. They loved it!! They each had a treat and the older girls hid their treats in the teepee. It didn't take Mireya long to figure that out!!:)

That afternoon we took the kids to Edness Kimball Wilkins Park, which is a park that has a pond. The kids thought it was so much fun. They were especially fascinated by the fish in it. They totally freaked me out when they would brush against my legs, but the kids thought they were so cool. Pretty soon everyone was trying to catch the fish. Lamduan (my mother-in-law) caught a whole bunch of them with her hands. It was pretty entertaining!!

The kids were so excited for Parade Day!! Lamduan went early and saved us some sidewalk and shade and then we came shortly before the parade started. The parade was a couple hours long, so by the end of it, the kids weren't too excited, but they hung in there. Mireya got her first taste of cotton candy and was hooked!! The girls loved everything but all of the clowns. They especially loved all of the snacks and drinks we packed to enjoy during the parade!!

We took the babies home for naps after the parade and then we headed to the fairgrounds. My kids had never been on a ride before, so they had a blast!! They went on one ride after another and Darlene and I even snuck a few in. In fact, we went on one that was a little wild for us and we were screaming the whole time. Some little girls that were on the ride with us told us we were wimps. It was pretty funny. (Now that I've got kids, I'm not as brave as I used to be.) I had to ride with Kaybree quite a bit, since there were 3 girls, and a lot of the rides only had 2 to a seat. They had a play place set up for the babies, so Cade and Mireya stayed with Grandma and had a great time with all of the cool stuff they had there for babies. Everyone had so much fun.

That night the kids played in the pool at Grandma's and had lots of fun. We had to do something to keep them awake for a couple of hours before bedtime. They had all fallen asleep on the way home from fair, so we drug out the pool and let them play for a bit before bed. I thought this was such a cute picture of Cade, so I had to post it. He came over all ready for bed, but it didn't last long. He went over to the pool and was all wet in seconds!!

We had such a great time in Casper. I'm so glad that we went. I got to spend a lot of time with Martin's parents, especially his mom, and it was really fun. And then, of course, Darlene and I were together almost the entire time. We had an absolute blast!! I might just have to skip on over to Casper by myself some more!!:)


Ashlie said...

Wow, that looks like fun! Glad you decided to join the blogging world again. :)

Are you going to be around while I'm up there Sep 1st-6th? I'm hoping you're still wanting to hook up for pictures. I've been dreaming of the possibilities. Of course you'll be getting the best-friend-for-the-first 20-years-of-my-life discount. (It's a REALLY good discount, as in it couldn't get better.) ;)

Lisa said...

Aaawww! I'm glad you had fun in Casper! Come to think of it, after all the years we lived there I don't think we ever went to the parade....strange...oh well! So it kind of begs the question do you take such great pics because you know you will put them on your blog, or do you put them on your blog because you took such great pics? LOL! Love ya KT!

Shari Davis said...

How fun! You're such a great mom!!!! That's not a short drive and to do it by yourself, well, you're just awesome!!!!

The Websters said...

We had tons of fun and hope you can come more often. We get so excited to see all your happy faces.

Rachel said...

It looks like you guys have been having too much fun!!! I can't believe we didn't see you while you were here. But there were a lot of people here that day. DId you see Lylli and Shane in the parade? Lylli had fun riding in it!