Monday, November 24, 2008

A Little Pampered

This last week Martin and I got to go on a little trip without the 3 munchkins!! Twice a year Martin has to go to Denver to do some computer work in the office. We, or at least I, didn't used to like the trip so much, but I have come to look forward to the trip for months and can't wait until we can plan our next one!!:) I was so sad when I realized that my camera batteries were dead and I had forgotten to put the charged ones in my case, so there are no pictures. Sorry. Hopefully I won't bore ya with the details of our week--I'll try to make it short. There are some very important reasons why I enjoy the trip so much. I'll share just a few of them as I explain the happenings of our week.

We left Sunday right after church. Mylee stayed with my parents while we were gone so she wouldn't miss school and we drove the other two to Rawlins where we met Martin's dad. He took them back to Casper with him so Martin's parents could keep them for a few days. The enjoyment of the trip started immediately. We didn't have any whining or crying for the rest of the trip to Denver. It was really weird. I kept looking in the back seat to check on the kids, and then would realize we didn't have them.:) We got into Denver around 8:30, so we found the hotel that we always stay in that is a block from the 16th Street mall and right across from the MI office. There are a few things we do on these trips that we don't get to do in normal day-to-day life. The first one of those is to use valet parking at the hotel. There's no parking in downtown Denver, so the company actually tells you to use the valet parking. It's so nice. Everything is in walking distance anyway, so it's nice to just pull up, get our stuff out, and then check in to our room. We enjoyed a relaxing evening in the room--it was so quiet.

While Martin goes to the office, I always just relax a little bit, read my book, and then walk along 16th Street and duck in and out of stores. The first time we went, I have to admit that I was a little bit paranoid. Whenever I walked along the streets, I would hold onto my purse with a Kungfu grip and was very aware of everyone around me, just in case one of them wanted to mug me or stab me or something. I have relaxed a little bit. I still keep a tight grip on my purse, but not to the point that my knuckles turn white, and I can enjoy being out without thinking everyone is going to attack me. I have learned that even though we do see a few VERY interesting (maybe even a little bit scary), people every time we go, most of them are just business men & women going about their day like everybody else. I always enjoy the time alone to wander and think.

One of the other great perks of the trip is the food. Every day I meet Martin (and Kevin this time too since he moved to Denver and works in the office) for lunch and it's not at Wendy's or McDonald's like usual. We have a whole array of nice, maybe even a little more on the fancy side, of restaurants to choose from. The service is amazing and the food...I can't even explain how good it is. Plus, we can order appetizers and dessert, which is something we NEVER allow ourselves to splurge on any other time. The week is never good for my waistline, but it's sure fun to splurge a little. The other thing we can do that we would never normally do is order room service. I had never ordered room service in my entire life until we started going on these trips. It's so much fun to eat a yummy dinner or dessert, or maybe even just some hot chocolate, in the comfort and warmth of the hotel room.

The last, but not least, wonderful perk of the trip is all of the one-on-one time I get with my husband. It's so much fun to spend so much time with him wandering the streets and shopping, eating at nice restaurants, and just discussing all of the wonderful things we have to enjoy in life. Plus, this time we got to spend quite a bit of time with Kevin and Zoe and it was so much fun to have someone we know and love there to spend time with. We were only there for three days, but we had a great time. We drove to Casper to pick up the younger girls, then woke up the next morning and drove to Cokeville to get Mylee. The kids had a great time being spoiled and it's always so good for us to have a little break from parenthood. We come back refreshed, rested and ready to soak up our three sweet little girls again!! I have already started thinking about what I want to do next time we go. It's so fun to be pampered just a little bit!! Sorry--I didn't do a very good job of keeping it short.

Monday, November 3, 2008


We had a great Halloween! It's not my favorite holiday and it is a lot of work, especially since Martin was at work this year, but my kids always love it. They were so excited all day to go trick-or-treating. They asked if it was time to go when they woke up that morning. They had a hard time waiting until that evening!:) We went to the football game and then came home and got ready to go to the carnival. Mylee was a pirate, Kaybree was a raggedy Ann doll, and Mireya was a poodle. The carnival had really good food and there were lots of fun games to play, but my kids are too shy to play them, or at least Kaybree is. Mylee did actually participate in a few, but Kaybree wouldn't do any of them but the coloring station. So, it's basically a waste of money every year when I pay for them to play the games. They decided they wanted to leave the carnival and go trick-or-treating. Traci went with us for a little while and then Brian came with us. They had a blast!! We tried leaving Mireya in the truck for a couple houses, and she wouldn't let us. She didn't want to miss out!! When we were done trick-or-treating we went to Brian & Becca's to celebrate Brian's b-day. We had chocolate roll and it was SO good.

The girls were pretty worn out by the time the night was over. This was after they were done trick-or-treating!!:)
We had a great Halloween & I'm just glad I survived another year!