Monday, November 3, 2008


We had a great Halloween! It's not my favorite holiday and it is a lot of work, especially since Martin was at work this year, but my kids always love it. They were so excited all day to go trick-or-treating. They asked if it was time to go when they woke up that morning. They had a hard time waiting until that evening!:) We went to the football game and then came home and got ready to go to the carnival. Mylee was a pirate, Kaybree was a raggedy Ann doll, and Mireya was a poodle. The carnival had really good food and there were lots of fun games to play, but my kids are too shy to play them, or at least Kaybree is. Mylee did actually participate in a few, but Kaybree wouldn't do any of them but the coloring station. So, it's basically a waste of money every year when I pay for them to play the games. They decided they wanted to leave the carnival and go trick-or-treating. Traci went with us for a little while and then Brian came with us. They had a blast!! We tried leaving Mireya in the truck for a couple houses, and she wouldn't let us. She didn't want to miss out!! When we were done trick-or-treating we went to Brian & Becca's to celebrate Brian's b-day. We had chocolate roll and it was SO good.

The girls were pretty worn out by the time the night was over. This was after they were done trick-or-treating!!:)
We had a great Halloween & I'm just glad I survived another year!


Ashlie said...

Mylie is so tall! I love all the outfits. What cute kids you have!

Rachel said...

Those girls of your are just so darn cute!!!!

Bobbi said...

Your girls could seriously be models! I loved all their costumes

Lori Conger, said...

Okay, so somehow I never saw these pictures of your kids at Halloween. They are to die for! We love those girls so much--even Boston was asking for Kaybree the other day. Come see us again SOON.