Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bathtub Swimming Pool!

This last weekend while we were in Layton for my doctor's appointment, we decided to go swimming suit shopping since this is the only time of year there are any sizes to choose from in the cutest swimming suit styles. The girls loved it. They were very happy with their selections as was I. Mireya actually didn't get a new one because hers were big on her last year and they still fit! Kaybree has a very hard little body to fit a swimming suit to because she's very tall and very slender. I don't know where she gets her body type from (obviously not from me), but her 2T swim suit bottoms from a couple years ago finally fit her without falling off, but then the top shows her belly. It really has been frustrating to find a swimming suit to fit right, so we were so pleased to find a smaller size suit that had a long top (thanks for your help, Lori). You can't really see their suits in these pictures, but they had a blast "swimming" in the bathtub last night. They begged and begged to wear their new suits in the tub since it was going to be a while before they got a real chance to try them out!!

They had a great time. As soon as I went in there I realized why I was a little hesitant to let them do it in the first place--there was an inch of water all over the floor and the towel I had put down was dripping wet. Mylee quickly explained that they had to pretend to get in and out of the pool. You obviously can't just stay in the pool the whole time!!:) I sure hope they enjoyed it because after wringing everything out, I decided it will be a while before we try the bathtub out as a swimming pool again!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thanks for Crossing Your Fingers!!!

I know a lot of you already know since word has traveled down the grapevine, but I thought I would post it for all of you that haven't heard--WE'RE HAVING A BOY!!! Can you believe it? I actually lifted my head off the table when the ultrasound tech said "boy." Then she even double checked for me to make sure. Lori went with me to my ultrasound because Martin was working and we were so excited!! Of course I called Martin immediately afterward and he tried to hide his excitement, but it has been apparent since then just how excited he is. I think we were both just kind of planning on it being a girl, so what a surprise!! Lori went shopping with me to buy his first outfit for him. It was so fun to look at the boy clothes!! Thanks all of you that kept your fingers crossed for us--it worked!! Now if we could just agree on a name for him.:)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kaybree's Birthday

I can't believe it, but Kaybree turned 4 on the 19th of January (I'm a little behind, as usual)!! She was so excited to turn 4. She had been asking me for weeks if she was 4 yet and I kept giving her the countdown of days until it was finally her birthday. The timing was perfect because her birthday was on Monday and Martin had to leave for work on Tuesday!! We never know what birthdays and holidays he's going to be around for, so Kaybree was so excited he could be there. We also celebrated her birthday in Casper while we were there, but I totally forgot to take any pictures---these are the best we have. Anyway, she had a great day and now she is so excited to be BIG! She keeps asking me when she can go to preschool now--she's got a while to wait!:)

To give you some insight as to how shy she is, she doesn't even blow out her own candles!! She doesn't dare do it in front of everybody!! She had to have Mylee help for her cake in Casper and Amelia and Mylee helped at home. She's one of a kind. I sure hope she can come out of her shell a little more before September when she starts preschool. She's making slow progress, but it's VERY slow. We love you, Kaybree, and are so thankful you are a part of our family!!