Saturday, April 18, 2009

1st Half of April!

We've had a pretty busy April so far!! We had a couple things going on a week, so I didn't get a chance to post about them individually as they happened--now I have to get caught up.

The first thing we had going on in April was the Sunshine Generation show. Mylee loves Sunshine!! It has helped her come out of her shell so much and now she doesn't get shy or nervous when she's on stage near like she used to. Anyway, we had to take some before the show pictures. Regyn, Lori's little girl, was here playing, so she had to get in on the action as well!!:)

The next event we had was Mireya's 2nd birthday on the 9th! I can't believe she is already 2 years old. Where does the time go? Anyway, the girls were so excited that it was her birthday (she wasn't near as excited about it as the girls were). She kept saying she was 3 years old though, instead of 2. We've been working out the kinks on that one and now about half the time she'll say she's 2!:) She did have fun at her little party with the fam!! There were so many people there to celebrate with us since Lori and her kids were here, so she had fun. She's my first child that isn't afraid to blow out a candle with a crowd around! As you can see by the last picture, the Mrs. Potato Head was the hit gift of the night--thanks, Mom. She had a great day and Martin and I just can't believe how quickly our kids are growing up. Mireya's like a little teenager already from hanging out with her older sisters!!:)

The last exciting thing we had going on the 1st half of April was Easter!! The girls were so excited for Easter. We even did a little Easter egg hunt with them in our basement since there wasn't a community egg hunt this year. The girls had a blast looking for the eggs. It did take Mireya a little while to catch on though. She would put one egg in her basket and then when she'd find another one, she would take out the one egg that was in there and replace it with the new egg she'd found. She finally did catch on at the very end. Thankfully, Mylee and Kaybree were good about sharing the loot. And, of course, dying eggs was a hit with them like it is every year. This year we did tie-dye eggs, which were a little trickier, but they had a blast and it stretched the egg-dying out for a whole hour rather than having everything dyed within 5 minutes! It made their hands a little messy, but they had fun!

Martin wasn't super enthused about the egg-dying this year. He was trying to get some stuff figured out before he went back to work. He really missed out.:)

Mireya wasn't super enthused about it either--it was a little complicated for her and she did not want to get her hands dirty, so she mostly watched and ate snacks while Mylee, Kaybree and I did all of the work.

We just hope the rest of the month is as fun as the 1st half of the month has been. Martin has gone back to work now, so that's always a bummer, but we're looking forward to a few nice days of weather coming up (we hope)!!!:)


Ashlie said...

Looks like you guys have been keepin' busy. I didn't recognize half the little kids in those birthday pictures. Guess it's been a while. ;) Can't wait to take some pictures of those adorable little girls. Hopefully they won't be scared of me. ha!

Rachel said...

It looks like you're staying plenty busy! Seryn turns two next month and I just can't believe it!!! I'm glad you guys are doing well!

Mike, Katie and Annali said...

Your girls are getting so big! I can't believe Mireya is 2 which mean Annali is almost 2. Crazy. Mireya is such a doll! What is a boy ever going to do with all those girls?!?!? Looks like you guys have been having fun though. About the house hunting yes it was good and we are buying a house in Evansville in a new sub-division being built out there. We are very excited to have a brand new house. The down side is we have to rent for a few months until it is finished in October. Anyway you will have to come visit us.

Bobbi said...

I think Mireya's b-day looked just as fabulous! I only have TWO kids and I am NOT pregnant :) (Which I am hoping that you are feeling good!) Your girls are so beautiful I am sure you have so much fun with them!! I am so used to Brad being gone all the time and being by myself with the girls away from family that they are my best little friends and I just make things up as I go!!!! I love this two year old age, it is just priceless--they grow way too fast!!!

Lisa said...

Wow KT! I can't get over how big your girls are - and is that...a picture of Kaybree smiling?! Wow! (only teasing) They are such beautiful girls! I'm glad y'all are havin' fun and stayin' busy. Miss ya Babe! Love ya lots!

Eva said...

great pictures! you have the most gorgeous girls! It is sad how fast kids grow up. It amazes me every day that Josh will be 2 here in a few all goes too fast!

Traci said...

I should have never read your blog. I miss being around your girls so much--and if I miss them a little, Jasmine misses them a ton! Thanks for sharing the pics, though--at least we can share with you that way. You are such an awesome Mom. Can't wait to see you again.