Thursday, May 28, 2009


This may be a record for how long it's been since I posted!! We had a great month of May. It has been busy, as May always is, but it has been nice to have things start to wind down for the summer. The weather has finally turned for the better and we have had several nice days now!! We are loving it. The girls are outside almost all day every day and Martin and I have been able to get some much needed time in on the yard, so we have all been happy campers!:)

A couple weeks ago, we got really bored, so we decided to take a trip to Logan for the day and visit my grandparents and take the kids to the Willow Park Zoo. My kids love it there, even though there are mostly a bunch of birds. They had a great time. It was a little bit chilly still, but not bad.

The next week we had another really nice day (we had been waiting a while for one) and so the girls decided they wanted to learn to ride their bikes without training wheels. I think our kids are about the only ones their ages that still have their training wheels on. Mylee is petrified of trying to ride without them, but she finally decided she would be brave (well, as brave as is possible for her). Mylee tried first and was doing pretty well, but got frustrated and ended up crying in her room from frustration. Then Kaybree gave it a shot. She's a little braver than Mylee and actually rode a ways by herself, but then freaked out when she realized Martin wasn't holding onto her anymore. She ended up in my lap crying because she felt her dad had betrayed her. So, needless to say, our kids still have their training wheels on. It's going to take a little more practice!!:)

We've had a great month of May, but we're so looking forward to June and no more school and the new baby and everything that comes with the summer!!