Sunday, July 19, 2009

Catchin' Up

We sure have a lot of catching up to do. We've had a busy couple of weeks and I haven't had a chance to update our blog. It all started the 4th of July weekend. Traci and her kids and Lori, Dan and their kids and our family headed to the Congers' beach house to enjoy the pool. We had a great time. The kids loved it since it was the first time we have been in water this summer!! We had a really terrifying experience with Mireya because she almost drowned in the hot tub. Lots of prayers were answered that day because Lori happened to notice her under the water and saved her. I don't know when I'll go around a pool again because every time I think about how close we came to losing her, I get physically ill. Other than the pit in my stomach I had the rest of the time we were at the pool, we had a great time!!:

The 4th of July was an eventful day. There were lot of things going on in the park so we basically spent the whole day there. Plus, we had a booth where we were selling flower head bows and headbands, so we were pretty attached to the park. The kids had a blast because the Baptist church had a booth where they gave out free cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones. My kids thought that was the best thing ever!!!:)

A few days later we headed to Casper to see Martin's family. We haven't been for about 4 months and we hadn't seen Jackson (Martin's sister's baby that's 2 weeks older than Kyson) yet, so were excited to go. Plus, we hit it during fair week so we were able to take the kids to the fairgrounds for some fun and excitement. We had a great week, but were completely exhausted by the time the week was over. We had to stay an extra day just to rest a little before we headed home!!
This is a picture of the two dads with their new babies. Isn't it cute?

The kids had a blast at the fair!! They even found someone to make them balloons!
Grandpa Martinez took Cade and Mireya to the kids' play area while Mylee and Kaybree rode the rides. Mireya was so sad that she was too small to ride the rides.

The kids wore Grandpa "Tinez" right out!!

Kyson got to hang out with Grandma while the older kids had some fun!!
Then the kids went to Darlene and Brian's house to play in the pool (and make a mess with all of Cade's toys in the basement).

Kyson and Jackson hung out and slept most of the time we were at the fair. Isn't Jackson adorable?!! I can't tell you how many comments people made about his hair while we were out and about!! He has the most adorable hair and he's such a cutie!!
We went to the new hospital open house the next day and about roasted to death. We got a tour of the hospital and saw Katie and Mike there as well. It was nice to get in the air conditioned building for the tour, but the rest of it wasn't so enjoyable since it was so hot. We and the Websters (Darlene and Brian) didn't last long!!:)
We finally made it back to Cokeville, but we had an absolute blast while we were in Casper!! The kids were so worn out they slept almost the entire way home. We always love our visits to Casper. Thanks for all of the fun!!
A few days after we got back from Casper we took our first trip to the lake. We haven't been yet this summer since it was so cold for so long, so the girls were really excited. Kyson and I just hung out in the shade while Martin and the girls played in the water. Mireya was scared of the water and hardly got in. She mostly stayed on the beach, but the other girls spent almost the entire time in the water and loved it!!

We've had a fun couple of weeks!! We've been exhausted from it all, but we've had so much fun spending so much time together as a family before Martin goes back to work.


Shari Davis said...

How fun, katie!! You're kids are so adorable! I'm sorry about Mireya. I would freak out! I'm so glad she's okay!

Lisa said...

Yikes - we had a minor close call with Aaron at the pool too. Crazy kid thought he'd just jump on in the deep end the second I took my eyes off him to help Savannah. Thank the Lord he was spotted by the lifeguard who went in to get him. I love all your pics - your kids are so adorable! Glad y'all got some quality family time in. Love you!

Ashlie said...

I've pulled Braden out of the water three times. It does make you feel almost crazy when your in the water after that. Glad she's ok! Your kids are so stinkin' cute!