Friday, August 7, 2009

Family Home Evening

The girls have been BEGGING to go camping all summer long, but with the new baby, we just didn't dare go yet. Well, we have finally decided we are brave enough to give it a shot, so Martin and the girls drove up Pine Creek to find the perfect spot. For family home evening this week, we decided we would try the spot out for a couple hours by roasting marshmallows. The girls LOVED it!! They were so excited to haul their camping chairs up there (Mireya decided she wanted to take her floaty thing to sit on instead of a chair). They settled right in as soon as we got up there.

Then the girls did a little exploring while Martin built the fire. They loved all of the lovely weeds (flowers to them) they were able to pull and bring to us.

Martin and I just hung out once the fire was going and watched the girls play for a bit. Mylee took the picture of me--a little too up close and personal. I don't have any secret flaws on my face now!!:)

Then the girls decided to roast some marshmallows. Mireya didn't get her marshmallow very roasted.:) She had to have a little help since she never got close enough to even begin to roast her marshmallow.

Mireya loved the smores. She would cook one and start to eat it, but then as soon as she saw that another marshmallow was cooked, she would throw her smore in the fire and want a new one. Let's just say we wasted more than just a couple smores.:)

When the girls were done with their smores, they decided to do a little more exploring. They moved their chairs away from the fire and had a little discussion by the patch of weeds. Then they found a little grove of trees to be their "house." They thought it was the best thing ever. Since we were pretty much done roasting marshmallows, they started using the sticks to dig around in the dirt. They got SO dirty SO fast, or at least Kaybree did. Her hair kept tickling her face and every time she would itch her face, her face would get dirtier.

Kyson slept in the truck through all of the roasting action, so when he finally woke up, he just hung out with his dad for a while I took pictures of the girls.

After I first noticed Kaybree's filthy face, Martin and I had the giggles really bad. I went and got the water and washed her face. She came back a couple minutes later looking like the picture below. I couldn't believe it!! Martin and I burst into laughter, but she didn't appreciate it. She finally caught onto the fact that she had been the reaon for all of the laughter and it hurt her feelings. I felt really badly, so we got her all cleaned up again.

We had a great time. The girls didn't want to leave, but Kyson didn't really appreciate being wrapped up so much to keep him safe from the bugs, so we decided to head home. It got the girls so excited to go camping and we decided our chosen camping spot should be just great. The girls definitely found plenty to keep themselves entertained!!:)


Mike, Katie and Annali said...

Looks like fun!! I love Kaybree's dirty face! Your kids are as a cute as ever!

Tina said...

Your campout looked like so much fun! especially since you skipped the "camping" part...I love that idea! But your girls are too adorable! I loved all the pictures, especially that last one of Kaybree...priceless!! lol!!

T5mikeang said...

You do such fun things with your kids. It's great to see that girls get just as dirty as boys!

Lisa said...

Soooo Cute! It won't be long before Kyson is gettin down and dirty with the girls! I always love your posts. I miss you guys, I need to call you soon. Love you Lots!

Darlene, Brian and Fam said...

That made me laugh! Especially for poor Kaybs! Looks like you had tons of fun on your "camping" trip! Hope to see ya sooner rather than later :)