Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mylee's Stories

Nearly every day when Mylee gets home from school, she has some story to tell me. Most of them are far from the truth, but she continues to come up with these made-up stories and then sometimes at the end she'll turn to me and whisper, "Just pretend that's what happened, okay?"

It started a little early today because she was telling stories before she ever even got to school. She was all dressed and ready for school, but it was raining outside so I told her I would give her a ride. We were all sitting in the living room waiting until it was time to take her to school. Then it began:

"We painted the school bus. It's not yellow anymore. The yellow was too bright and sparkly so we decided to paint it bright pink, like my jacket. Our bus is the only one that got painted though. And we decided to put black stripes on it too, so it totally matches the outfit I have on today. Wow, huh, Mom. And if you wear something that matches the school bus, you get a special prize when you get to school and you have to keep it in your desk until Halloween. Then you get to bring all of your prizes and treats home and share them with your family. (Kaybree and Mireya were getting excited at this point.) They give us all kinds of prizes, like Bratz dolls and all kinds of stuff. It's so cool, Mom. You've got to see all of the prizes I have in my desk at school, one for everyone in the whole family."

Finally Kaybree said, "You're lying, Mylee, and it's not good to lie." That was the end of the story, but it sure was entertaining for the moment. If only the school busses really were bright pink with black stripes. That would be a little more exciting, wouldn't it?

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I am so far behind with the blog, so this will be a long one to catch us up--sorry. Kyson was blessed August 9th. It was a really neat day and we were really thankful to those who were able to come support us. We know that those who couldn't come wanted to be there. Kyson looked so cute in his little tux. I didn't realize how wild his hair was until I got looking at these pictures. He had just woken up from a nap in the swing and I realized after looking at these pictures that his hair could've used a little taming down!!:)

Mylee did NOT want to get her picture taken. She got tired of the pictures, but we finally got her to sit there but she said she "was not going to smile!"

Next we had our little camping trip. The girls had been begging all summer to go camping so we finally decided we'd better do it since school was starting the upcoming Monday. Man it's a lot of work for parents to get things ready for camping. It took forever to get everything gathered and packed, but we did it. The kids were so excited. We only went for one night and then spent part of the next day up there. We were maybe going to spend a second night, but Martin was worn out because he got NO sleep the first night and the hornets were horrible up Pine Creek, so the kids wouldn't get out of the tents or camper. They would sprint back and forth and quickly shut the door so the hornets couldn't get in. I was giving Mylee a hard time about it and telling her to relax, that they weren't that bad and then the next thing I knew, I was sprinting to the camper and slamming the door. Martin thought we were the biggest wimps, but there were so many hornets!! Anyway, the kids loved cooking the tinfoil dinners. They thought they were the coolest thing and we had to roast marshmallows, of course. The kids slept really well (except Mireya) and they were so excited the next morning to snuggle around the fire while I cooked breakfast. They did get a little cold in the morning, but thankfully we had haircuts scheduled with Traci, so we came out for a little while, got haircuts and then went back up for lunch before we packed up and headed home. We were able to take my mom and dad's camper and it was so nice to stay in and cook in. (Thanks, Mom and Dad.) We will definitely have to do it again, but I have to say that I am really glad that we can't go again THIS year. We need a LONG break before we go through all of that again!!:)

Thank goodness for the portable swing. I just put it in the camper, so Kyson was happy as ever!!

School started the Monday after our camping trip. Mylee wasn't really ready for school to start--summer seemed way too short since we had so much rain in June, but she had a great attitude on Monday morning when I woke her up. I was so worried about her all day going to all-day school now, but she thought it was the best ever. She thinks it's so cool that she gets to eat school lunch or pack a lunch and she has absolutely LOVED school so far. I'm sure it will wear off a little, but I'm sure enjoying her attitude about it right now. I can't believe how quickly she is growing up. She is starting to actually enjoy reading rather than me MAKING her sit down to do her reading and it's so fun to listen to her read books to her siblings. She gets so excited when she picks up a book and can read it. It's so cute!! This was Mylee's first day of school. My mom let her pick out an outfit this year and this is the one she chose. She loves it!!

Kaybree LOVES to hold Kyson. She holds him way more than the other girls. She always picks him up and rocks him in the rocking chair. She can actually be a lot of help. Sometimes she gets a little rough with him and then I have to rescue him, but she loves him so much. It's so darn cute!!

These next pictures were on Kaybree's first day of school and Mylee's birthday. Kaybree had to wait a whole extra week to start school and it was so hard for her to wait. She's been asking me when she gets to go to school ever since her birthday in January. She LOVES it. She comes home and practices writing her letters and numbers for hours. She gets Mylee's old homework and traces over it. She definitely has a different attitude about learning than Mylee had at her age!!:)

Next, we had Mylee's 6th birthday. She was so excited for her birthday. We had cake and ice cream with the fam and she loved it. She LOVES brownies right now, so I just made a big oreo cookie and homemade chocolate syrup to drizzle over the top. She thought it was perfect (thankfully)!

Then I decided to have a party for her since she's never had one before. We invited all of the girls from her class. I hadn't even counted them for sure, but once they were all there I realized that with my children included I had 18 kids there at one time!! It was a little crazy, but Mylee loved it and I think the girls had a great time. They each made a bracelet and then decorated their own cupcakes to eat. It sure made a mess, but they had fun. I was left with quite the mess to clean up after the kids were in bed. It only took me a couple hours to get the whole kitchen clean again!!

Then we had a break from the excitement for a couple weeks until Ty (Martin's brother), Nicole and Braelyn came for a visit for the weekend. We were so excited for them to come because we hadn't seen Braelyn yet. She is so adorable. She looks so much like her daddy. Anyway, it was so much fun having them come, even though they couldn't stay long. We just hung out, went up Pine Creek and roasted some marshmallows in our backyard (we have a pit) since it was too cold for the babies up Pine Creek. We really enjoyed their visit and hope they'll come again sometime this winter to hit the slopes!!:)

The last, but certainly not the least, exciting thing that happened at the Martinez residence this last month and a half was the finishing of Mylee and Kaybree's room in the basement. It has been a very long process, but we finally did it!! We started on it before Kyson was born because we knew we were going to need another bedroom, but after I had Kyson we took a 2-month break from working on it. Well, I am ready for Kyson to get out of our bedroom and into his own room, so it got us motivated again. We finally finished it this last week and moved the girls down. I don't know how many total hours I've spent working on that room, but it is definitely worth it now!! We weren't sure they were going to sleep down there since the rest of the basement isn't finished yet (that's our goal over the next year), but they LOVE it down there and haven't had any problems (knock on wood)! Plus, now when they play in their room, the noise level upstairs is so much quieter since all of the noise is downstairs!! We love it!! I wish I would've taken before pictures of this room, but I forgot to. John and Sharon Linford used to live here before Bri and Becca and John made beautiful willow chairs. Well, this was his workroom. There were all kinds of workbenches and shelves and pegboard on the walls and stacks of wood and willows. It was a HUGE project just to get the room ripped back down to the studs before we could actually start finishing the room (thanks, Martin). Then we went to town on it. I actually love doing stuff like that--it's just hard to do it with 4 children!:) This week I hope to finish Kyson's room! We'll see.

Well, I think that catches up the Martinez household. Hopefully I'll do better about keeping up so my posts don't have to be so long--sorry about that!!:)