Friday, October 23, 2009

Our Little Toothless Annie (Mireya)

We had a little accident yesterday while visiting teaching. We were in the auditorium visiting Andra because she was painting sets for the play. Well, no big deal to visit her there. I've visited ladies at work before for a few minutes, and no big deal, right? Well, not so yesterday. I had 3 of the kids with me and Kaybree & Mireya wanted to go down in the pit with Angela Thompson's kids to play on the bottom couple of steps. They were being quiet, so no big deal. I was a little worried about them getting down those steep brown steps on the front of the stage (you all know the ones I'm talking about). They went down and back up safely. Mireya came and asked if she could go back down one more time and I shook my head yes, then continued to visit. I heard a thump and then screaming. Angela and Andra quickly ran down the stairs to grab Mireya. I scooped her up and sat back down to finish the lesson. There was blood all over my shirt, but I assumed it was from her swollen lip and tried to comfort her and keep her a little quiet so Angela could finish the lesson. In-between appointements I decided to run her home to Martin and change shirts. On the way into the house I asked her to say "Ahhhh" so I could see how deep her teeth went into her lip--there were no teeth. She didn't have her 2 front teeth. Inside I was totally freaking out, but I came in and handed her off to Martin, giving him a quick rundown of what had happened, trying not to burst into tears. That didn't last long. I was kind of a wreck, feeling all kinds of guilt that this had happened while I had her and that it was a totally preventable accident. We called the dentist to see what, if anything, needed to be done and he said to try and shove her teeth back in. Well, thankfully I had gone back up to the school and found her teeth (then I really got sick to my stomach and felt TERRIBLE when I saw how big the roots on her teeth were and thought about how much that must have hurt). Martin had to try and shove her teeth back in, which was horrible, but it didn't work. The chances aren't ever real great that it will work, but sometimes it does. I was really distraught at this point, thinking about my 2 1/2-year-old going 3 or 4 years without her 2 front teeth. How was she going to eat? It's already causing her to talk with a lisp, and she looks a little like a vampire! Well, thankfully, after a lengthy phone call with the dentist, in a couple weeks, after her gums have healed, we will take her to get a mold done for some false teeth. I guess they do it all the time for kids that get their teeth knocked out. He said they were working on 5 different molds right now for some kids. Crazy, huh? That made me feel so much better. So, here are some pictures of her war wounds.

This is her adorable before smile.

It's kind of hard to see, but these are the pictures of her fat lip and missing teeth.

And here's a picture of her teeth.

She was very excited this morning when she found that the tooth fairy had come. She made a killing too. It's amazing what a mother will do to relieve some guilt.:) She kept looking at her dollars this morning and pretending to read them. She said, "This one says 'Jesus loves me' and this one says 'Gramma loves me'." I agreed with her and she was so happy to carry around her "special money." I still feel horrible and it's interesting watching her try to eat, but by watching her you'd never know anything ever happened.