Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So, after I read Taffy's post, I decided I wasn't going to post about Halloween. I mean, what she said is totally true. No one else's kids look as cute as yours in their costumes and looking at a million kids in costumes isn't really that exciting. Yet, here I am, posting about Halloween. I couldn't help it!:) Sorry, but I want to remember how adorable the kids looked in their costumes, so bear with me as you endure one more blog of Halloween costumes!!:) Lori and Traci were here, so we had a great Halloween with all of the cousins to go trick-or-treating together!!

We didn't get Kyson a costume because my mom just kept him at her house while we took the kids to the carnival. Plus, he slept through most of Halloween night, so that's why he's not in many pictures.

Here are all the cousins together. Kaden isn't in the picture because he was already trick-or-treating and I never did get a picture of Olivia and Paisley. Oh, and Regyn wasn't here because she was really sick, but I think everyone else was there. The kids LOVED having everyone here!!