Sunday, January 3, 2010


***Warning--Picture Overload***
The 2nd half of December started with Mylee's cheerleading performance. She loved doing it! She's got me a little worried (nothing against cheerleaders) that she'll want to do that rather than play volleyball and basketball, which would be hard for me, but we've got a few more years to brainwash her, right?!

Kyson has a thing with chewing on the strings of hoodies. If we are wearing a hooded sweatshirt, he will always start chompin' on the strings.
Then we headed to Casper for some Holiday fun!! On Christmas Eve we got together for Cade's 3rd birthday party. It was so fun to get everyone together. Here are the 3 "Martinez" babies that were born this year. Cute, huh?

I LOVED this skirt!! Isn't it adorable?!

Then we proceeded to take pictures of all of the moms with babies, dads with babies, Grandma and Grandpa, etc.

Ty, Nicole and Braelyn (sorry-can't remember for sure how you spell her name)

Brian, Darlene, Cade & Jackson

Grandma Martinez got a SNUGGIE!!! Now we have to quit crackin' jokes about them!:)

We took the kids sledding Christmas morning and they had a blast!!

The girls LOVED their scrapbook stuff and continuously designed masterpieces during our stay!

Kyson had a hard time deciding which interactive toy to play with first!

This is a picture of the kids in their new church outfits from Grandma and Grandpa Martinez. Thanks!

We finally came home from Casper after being snowed in a couple extra days (we weren't complaining). It probably goes down as the most miserable trip home from Casper for me. We had separate vehicles since Martin met us in Casper after work, and I got slammed with the flu around Rock Springs. So the last couple hours of the trip I had to keep stopping to puke. Nice, huh? We made it though and I was feeling better in time to participate in the New Year festivities over at the cotttage at the lake with my family!

Braxton and his little sister, Paisley. Aren't they cute together?

I'd have to say that other than all of the wonderful food (although I was still a little queasy, so not able to partake of much food), and the visiting, the concerts performed was the best entertainment! I never knew Lori had such moves!! I've always known Martin had some moves, and he sure wasn't too shy to show them off (the video of him was flipped the wrong way, so I couldn't put it on here). The kids loved it!!


Kyson and Paisley--Olivia wasn't there or I would've had a picture of all 3 of the "Nate" babies that were born this year!

More performances!

We had such a great holiday season!! Lots of fun memories. Thanks for all of the fun, everybody!