Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random Happenings at the Martinez House

I grew up eating cinnamon and sugar toast. Martin thinks it's disgusting, but I happen to love it and so do my kids. You just toast the bread, put a thin coat of butter on it and lightly sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top. Well, Mireya has still to figure out that the sugar kind of melts into the butter, so she always thinks I forgot to put the sugar on hers. She took things into her own hands this last week. I came in from the living room and this is what I found! Not only had she put about 3 tablespoons of sugar on top, but she had also gotten in the pantry and poured some syrup on her plate to dip her toast in.

A couple mornings after the sugar incident I got busy fixing the kids some breakfast and I guess I wasn't fast enough, because when I turned around Kyson had grabbed a little sandwich bag off the counter that had a couple mini donuts in it from the day before and started shoving them in his mouth. It was quite the mess to clean up.:)

Mylee finally lost her 1st tooth. She has wanted to all year. She has had a really loose tooth for a couple weeks now, but she wouldn't let us touch it. It finally came out in her hand the other night. She was so excited for the tooth fairy to come! Kaybree was instantly worried. She said, "Is the tooth fairy going to come into our room?" I said, "Yeah. She just flies in and switches the money for the tooth really quickly and you won't even know she came. She's magic just like Santa and really nice, so there's nothing to worry about." She wasn't convinced and in the end Mylee decided to leave her tooth on the kitchen table so Kaybree wouldn't be scared.:)

The last exciting thing we did this week was ride horses for the first time this "spring." Mylee was in school, but the rest of us headed to the ranch to ride. Kaybree and Mireya were so excited to ride. Brian was a good sport and led them around and around and around. I rode with Kyson for a bit and then Kaybree wanted to take him. He wasn't sure what to think of the horses. It was fun and the kids really loved it, so thanks, Bri.

That's about all the excitement that happened in our household this week!!:)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

From Kaybree's Birthday to State Basketball!

I am so far behind. I keep telling myself I'm going to do better about keeping up the blog and then before I know it, it's been a month or TWO MONTHS!! We have had a great couple of months so I'm just going to get us caught up.

First of all is a picture of our handsome boy. This is what I get to see whenever he first wakes up. I love that smile!! I can't believe how quickly he is growing up. He's already 9 months old. It's going way too fast!!

The first big thing we had happen in January was Kaybree's 5th birthday. She was so excited to turn 5 so she can go to kindergarten next year!! She also got to have a birthday party with her little friends and she couldn't wait for it. I let her choose what she wanted to do for the party and she chose to do pedicures. I thought that was a pretty cute idea, so we went with it. The girls were a little hesitant at first, but then loved it!!

Because of Martin's work schedule, Kaybree got to have two parties for her birthday. One with her friends on her birthday and then the next day (after Martin got home) we did her family party. It was a lot of fun and everyone came over to celebrate with us. We had a special treat of having my Aunt Virginia (my grandpa Perkins' sister) there with us. We had a nice dinner with them before the birthday party. I think she had a great birthday. I know I keep saying this, but I can't believe how quickly our kids are growing up. It seems like I just had Kaybree and now she's 5!!

Here's our sweet litle boy sleeping. I had just checked on him and he had been sitting up. I was going into his room to get him out of bed, but this is what I found. He loves his bed!

The next big thing was my grandpa Perkins' birthday the beginning of February. Everyone gathered to celebrate with him and he really appreciated it. We all love him so much.

The kids have sure enjoyed the snow since the first of the year. We hadn't really played outside much before the first of the year because there wasn't that much snow, but they have made up for it in the last couple of months!

A couple weekends ago we decided to take a trip to Rexburg to visit David, Traci and the kids. We decided to stay in a hotel so we could make a little family vacation out of it because Martin wasn't going to be able to go to state basketball with us. The kids loved it!! Traci and the kids came to the hotel so they could all swim. The babies got a little bored, but everyone else had a great time. We put Kyson's feet in the water to see what he would think. He liked it for a minute and then started screaming. We always have a blast when we go see them. This time we got to go to the temple and it was really neat to do that with David and Traci. I'm not sure our babysitters (Braxton and Jasmine) enjoyed it so much, but we really appreciated their willingness to babysit so we could attend the temple. We even saw Rebecca Pieper in the dressing room.:) We had a great weekend!! Thanks guys!

Traci will be so sad that I posted this picture because Paisley doesn't have her headband in. She always has a headband in. Traci says she isn't fully dressed without it, so sorry Traci.

Braxton and Jasmine had a stunt competition. That was pretty entertaining to watch as well.

Last weekend we headed to Casper for state basketball. I didn't know if I was brave enough to do it this year without Martin, but I did it and it was so much fun. I did miss having Martin there, but it was a great weekend. I got to spend lots of time with both families, eat lots of great food, watch the kids swim and see some good basketball games. We cheered hard and even dressed for the occasion.:)

Here are all of the cousins that were there. They had so much fun together. They would all sit together to cheer at the games.

Here's Paisley testing the water out. She didn't mind it so much.

Brian spent almost as many hours in the pool as the kids did. And he usually had about 4 kids hanging on him at all times. He's a good sport. He loves playing with the kids. He seems like a pretty tough dude until you see him around kids. He's so good with them.

Then we got together to celebrate my dad's birthday which always happens right in the middle of state basketball. It was fun to get together and celebrate.

Everyone had so much fun and I'm so glad we went. I just realized that I don't have any pictures with Martin's family this time. Oops! We spent a lot of time with them going to playland and such. Martin's parents took the kids to a movie (a tradition my kids love) and they have been talking about it ever since. They LOVE to go to the movie!

Thanks for the great times everyone. We have had so much fun seeing everyone the last couple of months!!