Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Child's Prayer

Mireya's prayers have been so sweet lately. Her prayer tonight was pretty entertaining:

Thank you for my family. Please help me to not be wiggly in church and to sit nice and not throw fits. And please help me to be a nice girl. And please help me to not get water on the floor when I'm in the tub. Please help me keep the water in the tub so my mom won't slip on the floor and fall and scream at me. And please bless all our family.

Can you tell some things that we've talked about the last couple days? I ran in the bathroom last night and slipped and fell on the water and may have yelled at Mireya a little bit about keeping the water in the tub. Also, we had to have a little chat about how to sit reverently on the way home from church.